Writing a Health and Safety policy is more than a legal requirement. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to achieving good Health and Safety compliance. It clearly sets out what is required by the employer and employee of a company, and demonstrates how accidents and ill health can be reduced in the workplace.

The Statement is important because it is your basic action plan on Health and Safety. All your employees must read, understand and follow it, and should ensure good Health and Safety practice within your workplace. If well thought out, has your commitment, and will ensure implementation. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Section 2 (3) requires this if you employ five people or more you have a legal duty to prepare a Health and Safety policy.

To prepare a written Statement of Intent

What the organisation intends to achieve with regards to safety, targets, goals and objectives

It must set out organisational responsibilities for implementing the policy

Who is responsible, from the Directors through to employees

The implementation arrangements

How the aims and targets will be delivered

Revise and update the policy as necessary

Review and updating of the policy, should there be any changes

Must bring the policy and arrangements to the notice of all employees

Communication of the policy

We can produce a Health & Safety Policy that is specifically tailored to your business activities by visiting your premises.

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