We can provide a simple but effective way to ensure that your organisation meets legislative requirements, by implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Full compliance can be achieved in three simple stages, within a twelve month period.

Full compliance in three simple stages

01Understanding your business

We agree a mutually convenient time to visit your organisation so that we can understand your business risks and, therefore, are able to implement a bespoke Management System. This will contain all procedures and checklists. No further information should be needed.

02We train your responsible person

Once the system has been written to your individual requirements we revisit your premises and train your responsible person on how to use and implement the system, A framework is provided that prioritises monthly tasks to be completed. This will ensure compliance is achieved within an average time of twelve months or less if more time is spent completing the system.

03Return to provide further guidance

For a small nominal fee, we can return to your organisation after six months of the initial implementation date, and provide further guidance and assistance.

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