Any business, big or small, must carry out a systematic Risk Assessment. You must decide what in your premises or undertakings could cause harm to you, your employees, visitors, contractors or members of the public. This is so that you can decide whether you have taken enough precautions, or should do more to prevent harm. We believe that a Risk Assessment should be about implementing practical steps to protect people from suffering harm and injury.

We only have to hear the latest news that the public perception of Health and Safety is about stopping any activity that might possibly lead to harm. Risk Assessments must be carried out and documented by a Competent Person. We can provide expert Health and Safety support to companies to help develop Risk Assessments to comply with all legal requirements.

This is not our approach in managing risk – We want to prevent workplace injuries. A balance needs to be found between the aim of absolute safety against poor management of risk that damages business growth and loss of life.

Sensible Risk Management principles
  • We adopt a pragmatic approach which encourages risks to be managed in a sensible, responsible and proportionate manner, in line with all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Focus on the effective management of significant risks – Especially those that are likely to increase severity and likelihood
  • Develop a Safety System that focuses on practical steps to protect people, encourages ownership at all levels
  • Consultation with the workforce regularly so that informed, reasoned judgments can be made
  • Promote a blame free safety culture which rewards honesty, openness and continual improvement

We can develop documented Risk Assessments that are effective and meet compliance.

Below are some examples:

  • Fire
  • Warehouse
  • Manual Handling
  • Office
  • Young persons
  • pregnant workers
  • A host of general Risk Assessments that cover most subject areas

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