At Ramsay Safety Solutions we aim to simplify Health and Safety by offering realistic pragmatic advice and consultancy services to organisations of all sizes in various sectors and environments. We work with all types of SME's to comply with legal requirements.


No Long Contracts!

All that we ask is that you stay with us for one year, if we are not exceeding your expectations you can walk away no questions asked!

Feel Fully Supported!

We work in partnership with our clients to manage your Health and Safety compliance.

Bespoke Work!

We always meet our prospective clients to understand their specific risks within their business.

Free Review!

We can undertake a review of existing documentation free of charge and advise if this meets compliance.

Save Time!

Our involvement releases your time so that you can that you can run your business.

Involvement with Local Companies!

We believe it's important to work with local companies, offering them good customer service and flexibility.


Our aim is to simplify Health and Safety by making life easier for our clients by offering realistic pragmatic advice and solutions

Workplace Risk Assessments

We adopt a pragmatic approach which encourages risks to be managed in a sensible, responsible and proportionate manner, in line with all relevant regulatory requirements

Fire Risk Assessments

We have expertise in assisting all types of businesses to undertake effective Fire Risk Assessments to prevent or reduce the likelihood of fire which could result in loss of life, injury or significant property damage.

Audits & Inspections

We provide a simple assessment of deficiencies found within your organisation and can provide practical corrective actions with a detailed report and action plan.

Accreditation Schemes

We are able to assist our clients to gain various safety accreditations including CHAS, EXOR, Construction Line and Safe Contractor.

Bespoke Management System

We can provide a simple but effective way to ensure that your organisation meets legislative requirements, by implementing a Health and Safety Management System. Full compliance can be achieved in three simple stages, within a twelve month period.

Retained Consultancy

We can offer a Retained Consultancy Service where clients can consult with us over a longer period of time, or on an ad-hoc basis. This allows project planning and implementation.

Policy Formation

Writing a Health and Safety policy is more than a legal requirement. It demonstrates a company’s commitment to achieving good Health and Safety compliance.

Awareness Training

We are able to offer a selection of courses from our main offices in Ware or at your premises which include Manual Handling, Asbestos Awareness and Fire Warden training.


We believe in working closely with our clients, using our expertise, to achieve compliance.

Calogero Gattuso

Director & Principal Health & Safety Consultant

Alfonsina Gattuso

Director & Finance and Administration Support

Sofia Gattuso

Graphic & Web Designer


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Stress in the Workplace

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What are "Improvement Notices"?

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